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Spectrum Saahitya Award, 2020

Spectrum Saahitya Award, 2020
Application Closed

Recognising your accomplishments in the field of Literature




31st December, 2020

Spectrum Awards, is an initiative to recognise writers, performers, and others who have dedicated their life to Literature.

Spectrum Sahitya Award will be presented to those who has done exemplary work in the field of literature.

The amount is charged as a  nomination fees and does not guarantee you the Hall of Fame.

Nominated individuals will be recognised by Spectrum Saahitya Award and will also be a contender for Spectrum Awards Hall of Fame for the category Literature.

We are recognising talents and Achievers from round the country for their achievements and role in the field of Literature. Authors and Writers who have impacted the minds of the readers and audience with their esteemed books and publications.

Application Closed

Nomination Closed

* Nomination charges, if any, to be paid only after selection

Award Co-Ordinator:

Neharika Bhatia


Application Closed

Press Release :

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