Shoorveer Award

Shoorveer Award

Recognising the selfless efforts made by the true heroes for the benefits of the Nation


Co-VID warrior


31st December, 2021

 शूरवीर Award - A hero Lies within you.

⚜️ Novel Corona Virus - one of the most infectious disease in the present that bought pandemic around the globe. It was called an 'emergency' last year. 

Many of us find ways to enjoy this lockdown while many out there are selflessly standing in front as a Doctor, Nurse, Ward Boys,  Police Department, Care Takers, Soldiers and volunteers.

⚜️ As a token of appreciation, we wish to thank them by recognising their selflessness towards the benefits of the people living in this country.

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  • E-Certificate

  • List of  Covid Warriors annual Press Release on various websites.

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Neharika Bhatia


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